Consolidating files nuendo penang dating

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Consolidating files nuendo

In the documentation I’ve seen it looks like a very pragmatic adaptation of the facilities already offered in Nuendo along with some additional networking capabilities and the ability to round trip to and from Nuendo and Wwise.

Highlights include: Pro Tools has its weaknesses but it excels as an audio editor and if Avid wanted to develop an existing and growing market with some tools which solve some real workflow issues then how about building in some integration with FMOD?

I’ve always been a Pro Tools user and I have a deep working knowledge of the program and specific workflows.

This is not usually done unless:* the exact start position is logged, and the new file is specifically placed exactly at that location, or;* all files begin at the exact same time.

There seemed to be little concern about how it sounded, as everyone just bought into the idea that it was digital, so it must be perfect.

To me, Digi’s 888 converter was far from perfect, and I was in search of something better.

EASY UPGRADEI should say up front that Nuendo 5 caters to the desires of post users, and the post engineer will find many new benefits.

A post engineer I’m not, although I’ve found many features like direct busing useful for music production. In fact, I can still use all of the same plug-ins and hardware interfaces that I purchased all those years ago. All the great features like Lanes, Folder tracks, unlimited levels of undo, volume handles on each region, drawing volume curves directly on the region and the grooviest of all Zoom approaches have been retained.

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Nuendo is a DAW I’m yet to use in anything like its current form, I did use use it regularly over ten years ago but that would have been version 1.