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Most people looking for romance are not actively seeking liars and cheaters.

So online dating sites don’t want their product to get a bad reputation—like they are full of cheaters.

1, 2016 (Press Release) — AUM Life Tech in collaboration with the United States Department of Agriculture has developed a novel Non-GMO RNA silencing approach for bacteria, insect and pathogen control with a focus on citrus trees and fruits.

Huanglongbing, a fatal bacterial citrus disease, also known as citrus greening has already caused an estimated billion loss in revenue to the industry.

The remaining 47 states all have their own laws about giving out marriage information. Sometimes you need to know the names of the bride and groom, and the date and and location of the marriage. So will any law enforcement agency criminally prosecute someone who lies about being married in order to get a date? Suing a felon did actually sue a guy—a convicted felon and registered sex offender—who tried to join the dating site.

In a press release, the dating site touted the case as a “landmark civil prosecution victory.” Herb Vest, founder and CEO of True, said: “From Day 1 when I founded this company, I made a solemn pledge to create a safer dating environment for our members and our industry.

Just over a year after it was originally published, a followup was also published since the failure rate hadn't decreased: 2) Media Misrepresenting Online Dating Services This commentary, in the Online Dating Industry Journal, takes a closer look at how the media is misrepresenting the online dating industry by some of the articles it publishes and the way it lumps verticle industries all into one category..

3) Branding Brilliance For an online dating service to succeed, it must go beyond advertising, customer service, and marketing in order to brand itself.

The Branding Brilliance article takes a look at two cases and the affect each had with online dating service branding.

According to a study funded by USDA it was noted that Florida, which produces 66% of the total US citrus, saw an almost 60% reduction in citrus production over the past 15 years.

Brazil and China which produces almost twice than the United States are also struggling with citrus greening.

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Considering this humongous problem of citrus disease, USDA is actively looking for new strategies that can avoid huge losses in agriculture.