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You may notice that we designated a singleton (single node value) representation of [1]' for Expression 2 (the Salaries destination node).This is because the insert keyword requires that Expression 2 be a single node.Even though there is only one Salaries node, the singleton is still required.Attempting to run the query without the singleton will result in an error: We see that the node was placed after the only other existing node residing on the same level (the Marketing node) by default.

SQL Azure Adventure Works community sample databases can be downloaded from here. Download the Adventure Works 2008 family of sample databases separately.If you have questions or suggestions about any of these samples or Integration Services, please let us know by posting in the SSIS forum.For recent Integration Services downloads, samples, articles, videos and more from Microsoft and the community, click here. Each release contains an MSI that make it easy to install and get working.This web site provides lessons and topics on how to use Microsoft SQL Server 2012 to create and manage databases.Prior to SQL Server 2012 when you add a new non-NULLable column with default values to an existing table a size-of data operation occurs: every row in the table is updated to add the default value of the new column.

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SQL Server 2005 product samples can still be downloaded and separately Adventure Works for SQL Server 2005.